Max Garihan

Meet Max- who joined the Naranjo team in 2019. "Max is the ultimate team player... Recently at Timbers we had a driver out sick and needed fuel for equipment desperately. Max got it done for me." - Superintendent

Max Garihan2024-01-11T15:44:05-07:00

Nick Trevino

Meet Nick- who joined the Naranjo team in 2020. "Nick is laid back and easy going.  He never has to raise his voice or tone when making a point or suggestion. Nothing seems like an emergency because he is always in control of the situation." - Superintendent

Nick Trevino2024-01-11T15:43:25-07:00

Wylie Wellborn

Meet Wylie- who joined the Naranjo team in 2023. "Wylie volunteered to wire in the new lights and bring his own tools to repair and install, so Naranjo wouldn't have to pay an electrical contractor to do the same work. He worked late hrs to get the shop up and running for us. Always shows up with a positive attitude and on time, has not ever

Wylie Wellborn2024-01-11T15:41:45-07:00

Erick Lomeli

Meet Erick- who joined the Naranjo team in 2020. "Erick always has a great attitude and cares about the project and the company." - Superintendent

Erick Lomeli2024-01-11T15:41:03-07:00

Logan Crisel

Meet Logan- who joined the Naranjo team in 2022. "He's very eager, always asking what's next and trying to be a step ahead." - Superintendent

Logan Crisel2024-01-11T15:40:15-07:00

Jessie Perez

Meet Jessie- who joined the Naranjo team in 2020. "Jessie is normally the first to the job site. He regularly has the equipment running and fueled before 7:00am." - Superintendent

Jessie Perez2024-01-11T15:39:18-07:00

Delfino Mosqueda

Meet Delfino- who joined the Naranjo team in 2007. "Delfino does exceptional work from structural concrete, sculpted concrete, and heavy equipment operation. He has over 15 years of service with Naranjo Civil with zero unexcused absences. He is a model employee that continues to challenge everyone around him to excel in their workmanship and craft. His commitment to excellence has allowed our structural concrete crew to leave

Delfino Mosqueda2024-01-11T15:36:34-07:00

Joe Romans

Meet Joe- who joined the Naranjo team in 2021. "Operator and laborer, he does what is needed and never complains about it. Joe is always early and makes sure everything is fueled. The GPS is always charged, no need to remind him to take it home and charge it. It's always set up ready to go when the rest of the crew arrives." - Superintendent

Joe Romans2024-01-11T15:35:29-07:00

Tim Fleenor

Meet Tim- who joined the Naranjo team in 2023. "Tim is always going above and beyond to get the task at hand done. He's willing to help new employees learn the trade and is always the first person to study the plans proactively! Tim is a great guy, always meaning well to help others, taking the time out of his busy day operating to help

Tim Fleenor2024-01-11T15:34:20-07:00
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