Jerry Naranjo and his long tenured team of managers and superintendents have successfully facilitated a smooth succession plan that reorganizes the company for 2019. Jerry Naranjo transitions from General Manager to Owner/President by way of an organized and vetted succession plan.

Herman Naranjo, President of 36 years, retires with the utmost confidence that the senior leadership team will continue the legacy of trust and partnership on which the company was built. Jerry Naranjo is accompanied in his role as President by newly appointed Executive Vice President, John Leone. John Leone has been with Naranjo for over 13 years and will continue to develop business through hard bid, designbuild, and project partnering relationships.

L-R Jerry Naranjo, Herman Naranjo, and Paul Sacco, Corporate Attorney – December 14, 2018

Jerry said “I am supported by an accomplished team of construction professionals that are eager to deliver best-in-class customer service and are eager to grow the legacy of the previous management team. I am honored and excited for the opportunity to successfully implement our company’s strategy while progressing our respected legacy.”

Naranjo Civil focuses on serving the Public sector with a straight-forward, innovative and problem solving approach to civil construction. Naranjo Civil aims to provide unmatched productivity, best-in-class quality construction, and a relentless commitment to providing an elite level of customer service.