Naranjo Civil Constructors in partnership with Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD), City of Englewood, City of Sheridan, Colorado Water Conservation Board and South Suburban Parks and Recreation (SSPR), has resumed work on the South Platte River Run Park Project to complete Phase II and Phase III of the showcase project. The River Run Park Project is a three-phase, multi-year project to revitalize the South Platte River near West Oxford Avenue and South Santa Fe Drive in Arapahoe County. Slated to be complete in 2018, River Run Park has become the gold standard in land and riverine restoration and preservation, serving both natural environments and urban recreation and community life.

In 2015 and 2016 Naranjo Civil worked with its partners to construct and complete Phase I of the River Run Restoration design. The project included restoration of the riverbanks, protection of natural fish and fowl habitats, additions of soft trails, a playground and a multi-use pavilion. Phase I also included a wave feature drop structure and the crown jewel of the park, a tuneable wave-shaper that can be adjusted to match flows in the river to the needs of the surfer, kayaker or river enthusiast.

In 2017, Naranjo Civil began Phase II construction that included river enhancements and restoration including re-vegetated banks, secondary overflow channels, habitat structures that support fish passage and improved trails and access to the river along its banks. Major improvements were made to the existing City of Englewood intake structure. Four additional wave shapers will also be added to the unique whitewater park between Union Avenue and Oxford Avenue to deliver a mile of river restoration and recreation.

“Here at Naranjo Civil, we have over 30 years of experience building natural features into the environment while protecting existing habitats. It requires specialized teams and years of hard-earned riverine construction experience to understand and work within Colorado’s diverse river systems to control flooding and, at the same time, create river recreation experiences.” said Jerry Naranjo, Vice President and Corporate General Manager of Naranjo Civil Constructors.

The final stage of the River Run Park Restoration Project began late summer 2017. For Phase III construction, waterways will be realigned and modified to create sinuosity in the low flow channel. Fish passage will be integrated into the improvements to promote aquatic species development and recreational fishing opportunities. Improvements in long-term river health will also be made, including: water quality, sediment transport, habitat protection and a re-introduction of native vegetation to the channel and banks while preserving natural river aesthetics. Additional in-river recreational enhancements will be made to better serve the surfing, tubing and kayaking communities.

Upon completion of all phases of the South Platte River Run Park river restoration and revegetation effort in November 2018, Naranjo Civil Constructors and its partners will have restored and revitalized a roughly one mile stretch of the South Platte River and its surrounding banks and open space. The long-term impacts of this revitalization on local communities, wildlife and other natural resources are immeasurable. A high-risk, flood prone area has re-emerged as a safe haven for fish, fowl, natural Colorado plants and vegetation, and has been given new life as an outdoor recreational hot spot for many Denver communities. Naranjo Civil is proud to be a partner.

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